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The guide can be viewed in any Internet browser on your PC.
You could save R15 000 or more! (See [FAQ's])

We regret that due to expensive payment issues, this guide is only available to the South African market.

Splashing away in heated water under the stars...
It's time to get started on your DIY swimming pool!

Our homes should be a safe family haven.
As security and safety plays a vital role in our lives, we need to make our homes attractive to entertain ourselves in this safe environment.

As at January 2004

The big advantage of this guide (for only R200-00 ) is:
That you can stop building at any stage. (For example being cash strapped)
Building step by step, in stages as your financial situation allows you to, is the answer!
Make building a swimming pool your family project. It's great rewarding fun for everyone!

The Guide represents more than 240 high quality photos.

The Swimming pool is built with Cement Blocks, Concrete & Fibreglass.
This material is available from ANY building supplier. No special material needed.
Low maintenance, small (3m x 4m), salt water, heated, durable and an attraction
A low maintenance fountain (that can operate with a pool cover on)
A low cost, DIY, quality built, low maintenance, as your cash flow allows, swimming pool.
From planning stage until completion and filled with water.
Includes chlorinator, pump, filter & pvc solar heating installation guidelines.
You will be surprised how easy it can be if you know all the 'hands on' detail!
For an affordable solar water heating system go to:

Pool @ sunsetThe pool @ night. (Pool light on)

Splashing away in heated water under the stars...
Is it not the perfect time to get started on your DIY swimming pool?

Why heated water???
With the dangerous UV levels your pool can only be useful early morning and late afternoon / evening.
In these periods, heated water is more comfortable and relaxing for the human body.
Can you find a hands-on guide without buying a "complete kit"?

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