Other Projects

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Painting the roof with Plascon Wall & All in 2006 Click HERE

Some of my learnings on purchasing a Solar Water Heating system 2009 - Click HERE
Solar geyser system, incl. HOUSEHOLD statistics,
July 2009
and updated with up to April 2015 data

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Renovating the ONLY bathroom / toilet in the house in PICTURES - Click HERE 

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9 products I can recommend - and for what projects I used them

Prominent (Neutron) Nu Clad paint - For Exterior and vibrecrete walls - 15 years guarantee

Plascon Wall & All paint - For interior walls, ceilings (bathroom) and tiled roof

Bonding liquid - As sealer / neutraliser for flaking painted areas (without dampness problems)

Hammerite metal paint - Use on metal to seal and protect against rust

Geyserwise apparatus For controlling the electricity usage of the hot water cylinder

Outpace Super weed control - Kills ALL and the seeds - Brick paving, between cement slabs and pavement.

Duram NuGlo paint Water based and odourless but like enamel paint Used for facia boards and indoor metal door posts.

Tectyl (yellow wax type) aerosol - To prevent rust in car seams like doors, hatch, bonnet, boot etc.

Coprox Grouting - Fine granule powder with waterproof additive. Used in bathroom.