Swimming Pool Pictures
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The Swimming pool is built with Cement Blocks, Concrete & Fibreglass.

Photos below are much smaller versions of the originals in the Guide.

In November 2000 - Marked out

hole dug and ready for foundation

The foundation being cast

The very important 1st layer

November 2000

Late December 2000

A good foundation

  1st Layer

Preparing to position the reinforcing

Lok Blocks from Columbia DBL Tel: (021) 905-1665

The LOK-BLOCK (400mm x 200mm x 200mm)

Inserting an aimflow

Vertical reinforcing



Inserting the aimflow

Lok-Blocks packed but not filled

The Lok Block shell & paving in progress

The plastered shell

The shell being fibrelined

Shell without concrete

Shell completed


Being fibreglassed

 The chlorinator & power box

 The PVC Solar Panels producing up to 34 degrees Celcius in Summer

 In June 2001- (2.6m x 3.8m) and 1.3m deep

Two years later - January 2003

 Power & Piping

  Solar Panels

  Finished Product

January 2003

This pool (above in pictures) was completed beginning 2000 and still in a very good condition as at 2014.
For an affordable solar heating system go to:http://www.syrex.co.za/bradp/