We regret that due to expensive payment issues, this guide is only available to the South African market.

This product reached its end of life cycle and is only available on request.
February 2016

Ordering Information

An affordable DIY swimming pool guide, (viewable on a computer), explaining step by step, by means of text, illustrations and photos.
The cost is R200-00 per downloadable guide (140mb).

This guide is not a gimmick and represents good quality and excellent value for money.
R200 for a professional multi media guide, that could save you R15 000 or more, can only be rated as a very good investment. Even if you are not building the pool by yourself, the 'planning stage' reveals many pointers and tips to be taken into consideration before installing a pool. Once a pool is built or installed, you need to live with it's shortcomings.
Do it right the first time, without any regrets later!

  With your order please supply the following information:

Guide written to be viewed on a

WINDOWS Platform Computer ONLY.

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Once I have received the above information, I shall let you have the banking details.
Deposit the amount, and I shall let you have the downloadable link, active for 48 hours.
Internet banking welcomed.

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Or order by making use of e-mail to: Juan Bruwer (juan1@telkomsa.net)
The guide is written for a Windows operating system computer.

Please note that more information about this product will only be communicated via e-mail.

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